Jason MacAllisterís Morph Extravaganza

For Computational Photography, 15-463 (Project 2)

Carnegie Mellon University††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† jmm59@pitt.edu


Photos and point sets that were used for my experiments can be found aqui.

The 61 frames generated for class morph can be found here.


The first part of this assignment was to generate 61 frames of a morph between myself and another student.This turned out a little lika thisa:

Sorry about the borders, these were generated in the ďlearning phaseĒ (I still had no idea what I was doing).These frames were all approximately 300x300 pixels, allowing a generation time of about 30 seconds per frame.The rest of my images are usually 768x1024, and they took about 10-15 minutes each (ouch!).



Mean (as in average) Face


Hereís the average face of my class:

Our teacher referred to this as the ďaverage CMU undergrad.Ē


Hereís the average face generated from 18 total donors (basically my class plus a large amount of my family):


Hereís just the males (10 faces):†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† And the females (7 faces):


This is my face morphed to the average geometry:††††††††††† And this is the average face in the shape of mine:




Family Study

Next I looked at similarities within families.

Hereís my family:

Arenít they the sweetest?


Now, letís play.Hereís the average:

Nothing like face averaging to bring out the similarities in a family.


Hereís the men (me and my dad):

Apparently Iím going to look exactly like my dad when I get old- I mean olderÖIt appears that I have no distinguishing features, and the average just looks like a younger version of Pa.


Hereís the women:


And hereís the average of my mom and dad.By far the most disturbing, it really doesnít indicate what their children look like as much as I had expected.Mostly just looks like a bearded mommy.It does bring out the similarities in my parentsí faces, however, as several people have pointed out.


Next I averaged the faces of my wife and myself, in the hopes of determining what our children will look like.

Remember that picture of Amanda?Well, hereís our offspring:

Maybe we should rethink that whole children thing.Looks like a possessed adolescent boy wearing suspenders.


Maybe a combination of the wife and, say, the family dog would be more appealing:


Or perhaps me and my iguana:


Oh heck.Letís try the two pets together:

THAT is crazily awesome.I had to remove the background (as in with the Amanda-dog) cuz it was too confusing.


Enough torturing the MacAllisters.Letís see how the in-laws fare!

Hereís the rest of Amandaís family:

(this is the best picture I could find of Zack, just ignore the other two, so Iím only pulling his face from it)


So hereís the family average:

They donít seem to mesh as well, especially since some have their mouths open and some donít.Also, we get that weird collage effect around the borders because of the differences in picture context.But you gotta love that bow tie!


Letís look at just the men:

Apart from the strange spirits floating around the head, this turned out to be a pretty good combination.Those dang lips though.


Hereís the women:


Finally, hereís the average male and female face from both families combined:


And the average of those two:




Hereís me with the deviation of my face from the average amplified (distinguishing features become more pronounced):

Öand I hate it.If you think about it, this is kinda the opposite of what I just did above (morphing my face to the average geometry).Now Iím morphing my face away from the average geometry.So it makes sense that my face is now skinnier, as opposed to fatter in the previous image.This image is exaggerated by one full magnitude of deviation.


Hereís the same caricature concept, only implemented with skin texture/color instead of geometry.

At first glance it seems like itís only higher contrast or brighter, but itís actually only the parts that are different from the average face that are brighter.The redness of my lips seem to be emphasized a lot, as well as my green t-shirt, and any blemishes in the skin (because Mr. Average is OH SO PURE.)


Hereís my wife, Amanda:


And hereís her caricature (geometry and texture):

As disturbing as it is, Iím kinda impressed that it works.Sheís smiling a little more than the average, so now she has a huge grin.And it really emphasized the narrowing of her head width from top to bottom.


Also, hereís the texture deviation from that caricature.This is whatís added on top of the regular image to emphasize differences.

You can see the shine spots that were brought out, as well as the brightness in her eyes.


Hereís some other caricatures of people youíll recognize:


Appendix A

Other combinations:



Appendix B

Hereís some random junk thatís left over but definitely worth showing: