15-462 Computer Graphics I
Lab Instructions

To setup your account so that you can log into the machines in the graphics cluster, follow these steps.

  1. Connect to the unix.andrew.cmu.edu pool of machines with your Andrew account. Then execute the following setup script from the shell.
    This will create a "5336" directory on your AFS home directory, populate it with the needed files and correct permissions.
  2. Our lab is in Wean Hall 5336. Swipe your CMU ID card to enter the room. The hostnames of the machines are weh5336-?.intro.cs.cmu.edu where '?' is a character between 'a' to 'y'.
  3. When logging into one of the machines, your login ID will be
    and your password will be your normal Andrew password. Note that the "ANDREW.CMU.EDU" must be uppercase.
  4. The "5336" directory is now your home directory under the lab machines. Once logging onto a lab machine, create a read-protected folder "private" using the following commands:
    mkdir private
    fs sa private system:anyuser none
    fs sa private system:campusnet none
  5. In addition to your AFS space, you also have a directory on local disk space which is at /usr0/localspace/<username>.

Remember to read-protect your assignment directory!