15-411 Compiler Design

Fall 2006

Instructors: Seth Copen Goldstein and David Koes

See the CMU Blackboard for the main web site for this course.

Welcome to the Fall 2006 offering of 15-411 Compiler Design. The instructors for this course are Seth Goldstein and David Koes. Seth Goldstein's assistant, Marilyn Walgora, is also available to assist students with administrative matters.

The course meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30-2:50pm, in Wean 5310.

The main web site for this course will be maintained on the CMU Blackboard. It will contain all of the latest information for the course, including project information, class discussions, and external resources. A complete course calendar can be found by going to the Course Information area and then clicking on the Course Schedule link. The instructors will be available each week for office hours. Go to the Staff Information area on the Blackboard to see when and where you can get help, and check out the How to Get Help link in the Course Information area. Please be certain to check for course announcements by going to the Announcements area (the default front page for this course web site). During busy project periods, new announcements will be posted almost daily.