Daria Brashear

Contacting me

2829 Larkins Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
+1 (412) 374-8540
But probably you want to call my cell phone.

AIM: djbrashear
Yahoo: brasheardj
Jabber: shadow@jis.mit.edu
Zephyr: shadow@ANDREW.CMU.EDU

About me

In 1999 the Carnegie Institute of Technology at Carnegie Mellon University awarded me a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

I worked for Carnegie Mellon University Computing Services from January 1995 until June 2005. More recently I was in the employ of Sine Nomine Associates, where I was the Principal Engineer, AFS Support and Services (which means I worked on OpenAFS).
More recently I am a cofounder of Your File System, Inc. where we build high-performance distributed filesystems.

Last update: August 15, 2014