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PC installation/upgrade request form

Complete and submit this form to request an install of a PC running Windows and/or Linux. (Use the Mac installation/upgrade form to request Macintosh software.)

Please fill out the requested information as completely as possible. (Fields marked with an asterisk "*" are required.)

User and project information

*SCS user ID:
Office phone:
Primary user:
(if different from above)
Owning project:

Host information

*Host name:
IP address:
(If you do not yet have an IP address, please netregister your equipment.)
*CMU asset tag number:
*Is this host a laptop:Yes No

Operating system software and configuration

Note: Dual boot options are not available for laptops.

*Select operating system(s): (Single or dual-boot only, maximum of 1 Windows OS and 1 Linux OS per system.)
Windows 7 (default)

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64 bit systems only)
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bit systems only)
Fedora 14

If dual-boot, how should disk space be allocated for the operating systems:
50% Windows/50% Linux (default for dual-boot hosts)

Backups are not enabled unless specifically requested in this form or through mail to <>.
Backups for this host?:Yes No

Automatic patch installation

By default, all Windows hosts will be configured to install critical patches automatically (link will open in a new window)


Linux installs will come with the SCS Facilities Unix environment for that OS (Fedora or Ubuntu).

SCS Facilities-configured Windows hosts are delivered to end users with the following standard software configuration:

The following optional Windows software packages can be installed on request. Please make these requests in the "Additional Information" field below.

Additional information

Please enter any additional installation-related information or preferences:


1 You can download most of the baseline packages, plus additional software specific to SCS or CMU, from the SCS Windows software distribution host, Monolith, or from the "My Andrew" website. See How to get Windows software for details. Users should be prepared to install any software, such as Mathematica, not included in the baseline installation nor found here. Contact <> with any special requests.

2 Applications within Office 2007 will, by default, save documents in a new XML-based format. Word documents, for example, will have the new ".docx" extension as opposed to the traditional ".doc" format.

3 Although our baseline software has been tested and is compatible with Windows 7 64bit, users may experience problems with 3rd party software that is not compatible. If you rely on legacy software, it is highly recommended that you check the vendor specifications regarding compatibility with Windows 7.

Windows 7 32 bit is available upon request