Parallel and Distributed Computing at Carnegie Mellon
The parallel and distributed computing group is composed of researchers who have interests in many areas, such as hardware systems, networking, programming languages, algorithms and applications. The idea is to bring together these ideas and apply them to make effective use of parallel and networked machines.

News (Aug 2000): The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (a joint CMU, University of Pittsburgh and Westinghouse entity) has been awarded $45 Million by the National Science Foundation to support a 6 Teraflop Parallel machine built out of Compaq Alphas. This will be the worlds fastest nonmilitary computer. (NYT Article, requires registration.)

Guy Blelloch Parallel algorithms and languages.
Garth Gibson Parallel file systems, I/O-intensive parallel applications, network-attached secure disks.
Seth Goldstein Parallel computing systems, Reconfigurable computers
Thomas Gross
Compilers, parallel computing systems.
Mor Harchol-Balter
Scheduling network connections, web server performance, and server task assignment.
Gary Miller Algorithm design, parallel algorithms, scientific computing.
Bruce Maggs Parallel algorithms and architectures, computer networks.
Todd Mowry
Computer architecture, compilers, operating systems and parallel processing.
David Nagle
Active Networks and network attached secure disks.
Dave O'Hallaron
Internet services, parallel and distributed systems.
Srinivasan Seshan Networking Software, firewall design, and network performance.
Peter Steenkiste High-performance networking and distributed computing
Hui Zhang Integrated services computer networks and multimedia systems.
Graduate courses (offered on a semi-regular basis)
Parallel Computing Computer Architecture
Computer Networking Mobile Computing
Advanced Parallel Algorithms Parallel Data Systems
Introduction to Scientific Computing Performance Modeling
Aura project Pervasive Computing
Dv Project Remote visualization of large scientific datasets.
NASD Project Network attached secure disks.
Parallel Data Lab Parallel data storage and access
Pipe Rench Reconfigurable Computing.
PSciCo Parallel Scientific Computing.
Quake project Ground motion modeling NSF grand challenge application)
Remos Project Remote monitoring of network resources.
Stampeed project Architecture and compilers for single-chip multiprocessors.
SYNC Scheduling Network Connections.
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The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Parascope A listing of parallel computing sites.
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