the Computer Science Department
Human-Computer Interaction
We seek to make computer systems serve the needs of humans by studying the use of systems as well as their construction. Many of the department's faculty are also members of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, see Human-Computer Interaction Institute Home Page
Computer Science Faculty in HCI

John Anderson Professor of Psychology and Computer Science, models of complex cognitive processes, intelligent tutors
Roger Dannenberg Senior Research Computer Scientist, Computer music, technology enhanced learning
Roy Maxion Systems Scientist, dependable user interfaces
Tom Mitchell Professor of Computer Science and Robotics, Interfaces that learn.
Jim Morris Professor of Computer Science, Computer-mediated communication
Alexander I. Rudnicky Systems Scientist, spoken language systems
Dan Siewiorek Wearable computers, system design.
Mary Shaw Professor of Computer Science, Software Architecture
Alex Waibel Principle Research Scientist, multi-modal interfaces.
Andy Witkin Professor of Computer Science, Graphics.
ACT theory and architecture of cognition John Anderson
Advanced Computing for Science Education (ACSE) Phil Miller
Computer Music Roger Dannenberg
Interact Lab Alex Waibel
Janus Project Alex Waibel
Just-In-Time Lectures Alex Waibel
The Tutoring Project John Anderson, Ken Koedinger, Al Corbett
Ph.D. Students
Eli Brandt
Mei C. Chuah Lorin Grubb
David Kosbie James Landay
Rich McDaniel Rob Miller
John Pane Belinda Thom
Nick Thompson
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