Neural Information Processing Systems

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December 1 (M), 1997: Tutorials
December 2-4 (T-Th), 1997: Main Conference
December 5-6 (F-S), 1997: Workshops

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Please Note: For those authors running the most recent release of Latex (Latex 2e), better results will be obtained by using the 2e style file (nips97e.sty). Authors using the older Latex 2.09 should use the 2.09 style file (nips97.sty) (no e). The .tex file we have provided uses nips97.sty.

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NIPS*97 Conference Information

The conference page has all the details. Here are the highlights.

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The tutorials page has all the details.

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The workshop page has all the details. Here are some highlights.



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NIPS Bibliography

Members of the Center for Computational Intelligence, Vienna have collected references for all papers in NIPS volumes 3 through 8 in a bibtex formatted bibliography. We hope this is useful for anyone who wants to reference NIPS papers.

The entire CI BibTeX collection, which includes bibtex files for a number of journals, can be found at:


Some of the exhibitors at NIPS have given us pointers to their web pages. These have been collected on the exhibitors' page.

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