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  • NIPS 13, the conference proceedings for 2000 ("Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 13", edited by Leen, Todd K., Dietterich, Thomas G. and Tresp, Volker will be available to all attendees in June 2001.
  • Abstracts and papers from this forthcoming volume are available on-line.
  • BibTeX entries for all papers from this forthcoming volume are available on-line.

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Scanned Papers for all Past NIPS Conferences
High-resolution scans of all the papers in all the NIPS volumes from 0 to 13 can be found at The full text for each paper has also been processed by optical character recognition so that it can be searched. This work was done by Yann LeCun, AT&T Labs.
BibTeX Bibliography
A BibTeX formatted bibliography containing references for all papers in NIPS volumes 3 through 10 is available at or via ftp at BibTeX files for a number of journals and books can also be found at the site. The bibliography was created by members of the Center for Computational Intelligence, Vienna.

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