Neural Information Processing Systems 2000
This is the fourteenth meeting of an interdisciplinary conference which brings together cognitive scientists, computer scientists, engineers, neuroscientists, physicists, and mathematicians interested in all aspects of neural processing and computation. The conference will include invited talks and oral and poster presentations of refereed papers. The conference is single track and is highly selective. Preceding the main session, there will be one day of tutorial presentations, and following it there will be two days of focused workshops on topical issues at a nearby ski area.

Next Meeting
The NIPS 2001 submission deadline will be June 20, 2001.

Final drafts for the proceedings will be due early in January 2001 (details will be available at the conference). Here are the formatting instructions and the document containing the instructions to authors and author agreement form (ps).

Schedule Overview, Detailed Conference Schedule (ps,pdf)
Mon. Nov. 27: Tutorials and Banquet (6:30pm)
Tues. Nov. 28 - Thurs. Nov. 30: Conference (Invited Speakers)
Thu. Nov. 30 (reception) - Sat. Dec. 2: Workshops

Travel and Accomodations
Travel Grants, Volunteering

Poster Display
Poster presenters will have a 4'x8' area to display their material at the conference. Here are some suggestions for good posters.

Here is the information for exhibitors.

On-line registration is closed. Please register on-site in Denver and Breckenridge.

NIPS has created a new Outstanding Student Paper Award, which will be presented at the NIPS Conference Banquet.

The NIPS*2000 Organizing Committee:
  • General Chair: Todd Leen, Oregon Graduate Institute
  • Program Chair: Tom Dietterich, Oregon State University
  • Workshops Co-Chairs: Rich Caruana, Carnegie Mellon University, Virginia de Sa, UC San Francisco
  • Tutorials Chair: Mike Mozer, University of Colorado
  • Publicity Chair: Ben Van Roy, Stanford University
  • Publications Chair: Volker Tresp, Siemens AG
  • Treasurer: Bartlett Mel, University of Southern California
  • Volunteers Director: Arun Jagota, UC Santa Cruz
  • Local Arrangements: Rosemary Miller, The Salk Institute
  • Contracts: Steve Hanson, Rutgers University, Scott Kirkpatrick, IBM, Gerry Tesauro, IBM
  • Government Liaison: Gary Blasdel, Harvard Medical School
  • Co-Webmasters: Doug Baker, Carnegie Mellon University, Alexander Gray, Carnegie Mellon University
The NIPS*2000 Program Committee:
Leon Bottou, AT&T Labs - Research; Tom Dietterich, Oregon State University (chair); Bill Freeman, Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab; Zoubin Ghahramani, University College London; Dan Hammerstrom, Oregon Graduate Institute; Thomas Hofmann, Brown University; Tommi Jaakkola, MIT; Sridhar Mahadevan, Michigan State University; Klaus Obermeyer, TU Berlin; Manfred Opper, Aston University; Yoram Singer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Malcolm Slaney, IBM Alamden Research Lab; Josh Tenenbaum, Stanford University; Sebastian Thrun, Carnegie Mellon University.
The full NIPS Board, Organizing Committee, and Program Committee are listed here.

Previous NIPS Conferences
Our Publisher: MIT Press.

Members of the Center for Computational Intelligence, Vienna have collected references for all papers in NIPS volumes 3 through 10 in a bibtex formatted bibliography. This may be useful for anyone who wants to reference NIPS papers.
The entire CI BibTeX collection, which also includes bibtex files for a number of journals and books, can be found at or via ftp at

Web Pages for Past NIPS Conferences *
  • NIPS 12, the conference proceedings for 1999 ("Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 12", edited by S. A. Solla, T. K. Leen, and K.-R. Müller) will be available to all attendees in June 2000.
    For additional copies write to MIT Press, Five Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142-1493, send e-mail to, or call 1-800-356-0343.
  • Abstracts and links to on-line versions of the 1999 papers are available on-line.
  • NIPS 11 is available from the MIT Press.
  • Abstracts from the papers in this volume are available on-line. Links to on-line versions of some papers are also available.
  • NIPS 10 is available from MIT Press.
  • Abstracts from the papers in this volume are available on-line. Links to on-line versions of some papers are also available.

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