Introduction to the AI Repository

Welcome to the CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository.

The Artificial Intelligence Repository was established by Mark Kantrowitz in 1993 to collect files, programs and publications of interest to Artificial Intelligence researchers, educators, and students. It is an outgrowth of the Lisp Utilities Repository established by Mark in 1990 and his work on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) postings for the AI, Lisp, Scheme, and Prolog newsgroups. The Lisp Utilities Repository has been merged into the AI Repository.

We'd like to thank Rich Morin of Prime Time Freeware and Raj Reddy of Carnegie Mellon University for their enthusiastic support of this project.

The AI Repository is accessible by anonymous FTP and AFS without charge. A subset of the contents of the repository will also be published by Prime Time Freeware as an inexpensive mixed-media (Book/CD-ROM) publication. Click here for more information about the CD-ROM.

The repository contains