[2-2] Commercial Prolog Implementations

AAIS Full Control Prolog (version 3.1.3) is an Edinburgh-standard
compiler and interpreter that runs on all Apple 680x0 Macintosh computers
(from Plus through Quadras and Powerbooks). It runs under System 6
and 7 (or A/UX 3.0), requiring 4mb RAM, and is 32-bit clean.  It
is built on an object-oriented kernel, includes many object-oriented 
extensions to the language, functions for constructing graphical user 
interfaces, direct program access to the printer for printing text or 
graphics, and full support for Apple Events. There are also numerous 
example programs, including source code for the AAIS Full Control 
Prolog's own standard development interface, and how to interface with
Oracle databases and FileMaker Pro databses.  AAIS Full Control Prolog 
costs $495. For an additional $199 (and a signed license), you can get a
copy of AAIS Prolog Program Creator, an application generator/runtime
distribution system that turns Prolog programs into Macintosh
applications. For more information, write to Advanced AI Systems,
Inc., PO Box 39-0360, Mountain View, CA 94039-0360, call 415-948-8658,
fax 415-948-2486, or email AAISProlog@aol.com. Earlier version (2.0) 
reviewed in AI Expert, Feburary 1991.
   [NOTE: Douglas Lanam, President of Advanced AI Systems, Inc.,
   announced on April 1, 1994, that he would be ceasing all future
   development of the product due to economic and personal reasons. The
   remaining stock of AAIS Full Control Prolog and the Program Creator is
   being offered on an as-is basis with no return for $99 a copy. You
   can order copies by phone using your credit card.
   Technical support through phone, mail, and email is continuing, but
   they cannot return phone calls or faxes outside North America, so
   those replies would be sent by email or snail mail.]

AIAI Edinburgh Prolog is a high level prolog emulator that runs on
Acorn R140 (RISC iX), DG AViiON (DG/VX 4.1), Vax (Berkeley Unix, VMS),
Gould Encore (Unix), HP 9000/300 (HP-UX), MIPS RISC (RiscOS), Sequent
(DYNIX V3), Sun 2,3,4 (SunOS-3,4). For more information, write to
AIAI, AI Applications Institute, Software Secretary, University of
Edinburgh, 80 South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1HN, UK, call +44 (31) 650
2734, fax +44 (31) 226 2730, or send email to AIAI@ed.ac.uk.

ALS Prolog - Workstation is a common version running on nearly all
Unix machines (Sun 4.1.3 & Solaris; HP 9000/7xx/8xx; IBM PowerPC AIX;
SGI IRIX; NeXT; DG AViiON), on DOS and DesqView/X (PCs with 80386 -
Pentium), and on Macintosh (PowerMac and M680x0).  Common price: $800
US ($880 outside US), with a 40% academic discount.  Provides a
superset of Edinburgh Prolog.  Includes OOP, C interface (including
embedding Prolog in C programs), Window systems interfaces (X
Windows/Motif; NextStep; MacToolbox).  Student editions $59: Mac -
with interface; DOS - TTY (all PCs with DOS from 8088-Pentium; MS
Windows in a DOS window).  Available from Applied Logic Systems, Inc.,
PO Box 180, Newton Centre, MA 02159, phone 617-965-9191, fax
617-965-1636. Email: info@als.com.  Send a message to info@als.com
with subject line "HELP" to get a general information file in reply.
The URL for the WWW site is
and the anonymous FTP site is ftp.als.com.

Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server 3.3 (formerly Cogent Prolog) is an Edinburgh-
standard development system and Logic Server API for embedding Prolog
modules in C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Access and other Windows 3.x, 95,
NT 3.5x, DOS and 32-bit DOS tools.  Amzi! Prolog can also be extended with
your own predicates in C/C++ and Delphi.  Professional, Personal and Student
Editions, $79-$598.  No royalties.  Also available is an interactive tutorial,
the Active Prolog Tutor ($75) and a tutorial with source code prototypes for
expert systems shells including:  forward/backward chaining, frames, rete-
network and more ($94).  For more information send email to
info@amzi.com, write to Amzi! Inc., 40 Samuel Prescott Drive, Stow, MA
01775, call 508-897-7332, or fax 508-897-2784. Additional information
is also available from their anonymous FTP site
or their Web page 

Arity Prolog 6.1 is an emulator with interpreter and compiler and runs on
DOS ($650), OS/2 ($1k), Windows (extra $350), OS/2 V.2, and Windows-NT.
(Note that Windows support means that you can write Prolog programs that
manipulate Windows. The Windows version of Arity Prolog does not itself
run under MS Windows.) For more information, write to Arity Corporation,
Damonmill Square, Concord, MA 01742, call 800-722-7489 (508-371-1243),
fax 508-371-1487, or send email to 73677.2614@compuserve.com or Paul G.
Weiss <pgweiss@netcom.com>.

ProLog by BIM is a high-performance and robust implementation of the
Prolog language. It compiles to native machine code for maximum
execution speed, and provides flexible memory management with automated
expansion, shrinking, garbage collection and user-definable parameters.
The ProLog by BIM environment comprises a GUI including an execution
monitor and debugger, an on-line help facility, a extended emacs
interface and a profiler. ProLog by BIM also includes a bi-directional
external language interface, which is used for the included interfaces
to graphics, windowing and RDBMS packages. The system also comes with a
large library of Prolog source code which contains many of the most
commonly used predicates.  Stand-alone run-times without royalties and
embeddability allow problem-free end-user delivery.  ProLog by BIM comes
with Carmen, a WYSIWYG GUI-Generator delivering Prolog code that allows
notifiers and call-backs in Prolog and serves as a powerful
rapid-prototyping aid.  ProLog by BIM runs on SPARC, INTEL PC running
Solaris 2.x, HP700 and IBM RS/6000. BIM provides both training and
consultancy on Prolog and Prolog based developments efforts.  For more
information write to BIM Engineering Europe sa/nv, ProLog by BIM dept., 
avenue A. Einstein 4, B - 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 
call +32 10 47 06 11, fax to +32 10 47 08 11 or email to prolog@bim.be.

CIM-Prolog is a high-level emulator with interpreter for Apollo Domain
and Sun (Unix). Also Standard Prolog for Apollo Domain, IBM PC/AT (DOS),
INMOS transputer, and Sun. A parallel version is also available.
For more information, write to Creative Soft GmbH, Turnstrasse 10, D-8510
Fuerth, Germany, call +49 911 7499214, or fax +49 911 747756.

Coder's Prolog 2.0 is a Prolog Interpreter from Austin Code Works. Works
on any system with a C compiler (it is designed for use with C
programs), including IBM PCs (MS-DOS) and Unix workstations. For
more information, write to Austin Code Works, 11100 Leafwood Lane,
Austin, TX 78750-3587, call 512-258-0785, fax 512-258-1342, or send
email to info@acw.com. 

Delphia Prolog v2 is an Edinburgh-standard compiler and interpreter that
runs on Sun3, Sun4, Sparc, RS/6000, Apollo, HP9000/300, Unigraph 68xxx,
386/486 (SCO Unix), DecStation (Ultrix), Sony NEWS (Unix), VAX (VMS,
Ultrix), uVax (Ultrix), VaxStation (Ultrix). Includes database
interfaces, graphical libraries, and incremental compilation. Price
$10,000. Write to Delphia, 27 Avenue de la Republique, 38170 Seyssinet,
France, call 33-76-26-68-94 or fax 33-76-26-52-27. An earlier version
was reviewed in AI Expert, January 1991 and Feburary 1991.

ECRC SEPIA. See ECLiPSe. SEPIA is no longer delivered as a
stand-alone system, but as a part of ECLiPSe.

EDCAAD C-Prolog is a prolog interpreter for Sun (SunOS), VAX (Ultrix,
VMS), Apollo, and 68000 (Unix). An inexpensive academic license is
available. It is an interpreter-based system, and hence is slower than
WAM-based Prologs. It is implemented in C, and should run on almost
any 32-bit machine with a C compiler. For more information, write to 
EdCAAD, Department of Architecture, Edinburgh University, 20 Chambers St.,
Edinburgh EH1 1JZ, UK, call +44 (31) 650 1000, fax +44 (31) 667 0141,
or send email to chris@caad.ed.ac.uk.

FRIL (Fuzzy Relational Inference Language) is a logic-programming
language that incorporates a consistent method for handling
uncertainty, based on Baldwin's theories of support logic, mass
assignments, and evidential reasoning. Mass assignments give a
consistent way of manipulating fuzzy and probabilistic uncertainties,
enabling different forms of uncertainty to be integrated within a
single framework. Fril has a list-based syntax, similar to the early
micro-Prolog from LPA. Prolog is a special case of Fril, in which
programs involve no uncertainty. Fril runs on Unix, Macintosh, MS-DOS,
and Windows 3.1 platforms. For further information, write to Dr B.W.
Pilsworth, Fril Systems Ltd, Bristol Business Centre, Maggs House, 78
Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1QX, UK. A longer description is available as

GT-Prolog is a high performance implementation of Edinburgh-standard
Prolog for the Commodore Amiga. GT-Prolog includes the ProBench
interactive development environment supporting incremental compilation,
a multi-port debugger based on the Byrd model, a source code editor, and
a break facility. GT-Prolog provides transparent access to sophisticated
optimization techniques including Tail Recursion Optimisation, First
Argument Indexing/Hashing, In-line Arithmetic Evaluation and automatic
Garbage Collection of code and data. Error handling is based on catch
and throw mechanisms. GT-Prolog is also one of the first implementations
to support a fully logical Prolog database.  GT-Prolog provides explicit
control of memory allocation allowing programs to use up to 16mb for
data and 4gb for code and requires a minimum configuration of 1Mb memory
plus Workbench version 2 or later.  GT-Prolog includes a library of more
than 120 predicates that provide user programs with access to the
facilities of AmigaDOS. The single user price is 89.95 pounds sterling
inclusive of VAT and postage/packing. For more information, write to
Graham Thwaites, Grange Technology Limited, Stream Road, Upton, Didcot,
Oxon OX11 9JG, UK, tel/fax +44-1235-851818, or send email to
gtpam@gtech.demon.co.uk or 100434.3011@compuserve.com.

HyperProlog. See Delphia Prolog.

IBM PROLOG for AIX/6000 (PFA) is a high performance implementation of
the PROLOG language, combined with a powerful programming environment,
especially designed for the IBM RISC System/6000 under AIX. PFA was
developed by BIM as an adaptation of ProLog by BIM for the IBM RISC
System/6000 under AIX. It was selected by IBM Europe as their official
PROLOG implementation for the RISC System/6000.  For more information
contact: BIM Engineering Europe sa/nv, ProLog by BIM dept., avenue A.
Einstein 4, B - 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, phone: +32 10 47 06 11
- fax: +32 10 47 08 11 - email: prolog@bim.be

IF/Prolog 5.0 is a Prolog compiler with a variety of highly efficient
constraint problem solving tools, including Boolean constraints,
Rational terms, Linear terms, Equations and Inequations, Finite Domain
Constraints and Co-routines. IF/Prolog conforms to the ISO Prolog
Standard, part 1. IF/Prolog also includes interfaces to C, C++,
FORTRAN, X11 (OSF/Motif and Athena widgetsets), and SQL (Ingres,
Oracle, and Informix). IF/Prolog has full screen X11 and Windows based
debuggers and online hypertext help and quick reference guide.  It is
available on Unix, OSF/1, VMS, MS-Windows, and mainframe systems,
including Apollo, Aviion 300, Macintosh (A/UX), microVAX 2000
(Ultrix), Vax (Ultrix, VMS), VaxStation (Ultrix), DEC Alpha (OSF/1,
VMS), HP9000, Sun3, Sun4, Sparc, UTS, AIX/370, IBM RS/6000, Decstation
(Ultrix, OSF/1), Sequent S16, Silicon Graphics, Sony News (Unix),
Motorola, Nixdorf, Interactive Unix, SCO UNIX, DOS-based 386 PCs, and
Windows 3.0/3.1.  Academic licenses are available at half price.  For
more information contact Annette Kolb (marketing) or Dr. Andrew Verden
(technical) at IF Computer GmbH, Ludwig-Thoma-Weg 11a, D-82065
Baierbrunn, tel +49 89 7936 0037, fax +49 89 7936 0039, or email
prolog@mch.sni.de, or IF Computer Japan Ltd., 7/F 2nd Asanuma Bldg.,
3-21-10 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113, Japan.  tel + 81 3 3818 5826 fax
+ 81 3 3818 5829. They have a web page at the URL

IQSOFT MProlog is a high-level emulator with interpreter for Unix,
Macintosh and IBM PC (DOS). Runs on Vax (Unix 4.2 BSD), 68000-based
machines (Unix), Tektronix 4404, HP3000, and Siemens 1. For more
information, write to IQSOFT, SZKI Intelligent Software Ltd., Iskola u.
10., Budapest, H-1011, Hungary, call +36 1 201 6764, fax +36 1 201 7125, or
send email to szeredi@iqsoft.hu.

LPA Prolog is a 32-bit prolog compiler for IBM PCs (Windows 3.11/3.1 and 
Windows95, NT) and Apple Macintosh with direct access to graphics, 
menus, windows etc and incremental compilation and Edinburgh syntax 
compatability. LPA Prolog++ is an object-oriented programming system 
based on Prolog. (See Chris Moss's book on Prolog++ in [1-3].) flex is
an expert system shell with access to the Prolog compiler system.
MacProlog32 runs under System 7. Programmer Edition is $495 list, and the 
Developer Edition, which includes a runtime generator for producing 
standalone applications, is $995. LPA Prolog for Windows runs $495 and 
supports DDE and DLLs, and a variety of interfaces. Prolog++ runs $795 
($1,495 Developer Edition). LPA also offer the ProData Database Interface 
toolkit which uses ODBC technology to join Prolog clauses to RDMS tables.
Contact vendor regarding educational discounts, site licences, and details
of low-cost Personal Edition and new fuzzy logic and data mining products.
Write to Logic Programming Associates, Ltd., Studio 4, Royal Victoria 
Patriotic Building, Trinity Road, London SW18 3SX, England, call +44 
(0)181-871-2016, fax +44 (0)181-874-0449, In the US call 800-949-7567. 
or send email to lpa@cix.compulink.co.uk (sales, tech support), or
The URL for their web page is: 

Maxon Prolog is available for the Atari ST from the German magazine
'ST-Computer' for 298 DM. Tel: 010 49 61 96 481811.

MU-Prolog, NU-Prolog are prolog interpreters from the University of 
Melbourne. Source licences are available for educational institutions.
Implemented in C for BSD Unix. Currently running on Sun3, Sun4, Vax, 
Elxsi, Encore, and SGI. For more information, write to University of 
Melbourne, MU-Prolog Distribution, Department of Computer Science, 
Parkville, Victoria 3052, Australia, call +61 3 344 7270, or send email to
lee@cs.mu.oz.au or jws@cs.mu.oz.au.

ORISA of Germany offers three Prolog implementations for OS/2:
ORISApro, ORISAentry, and ORISAbase.

   +  ORISApro: Interpreter, incremental compiler, debugger. Both
      command line and PM front end. Supports Edinburgh syntax and
      Edinburgh predicates. Wide range of built-in predicates. Interfacing to
      procedural languages. API for PM applications, SOM, and SQL.
      Non-standard data types include arrays, key-value lists (items),
      large rational numbers, skeletons with nonatomic names, strings,
      and user-defined types. Based on IBM's cancelled Prolog/2.
      Costs 1000 DM (about $700). [SOM support is not yet implemented,
      but should be available in a future version of ORISApro.]

   +  ORISAentry: A light weight version of ORISApro, missing some of
      its advanced features, like SOM support and procedural language
      interface. Costs about 100 DM (about $70). Available since 1st
      quarter of 1995. 

   +  ORISAbase: Object-oriented Prolog development environment for  
      Prolog based OS/2 GUI applications. Should be available in 3rd
      quarter 1995, with beta testing scheduled for October 1995.
      ORISAbase prices are planned to range from about 
      5,000 DM ($3,500) to about 100,000 DM ($70,000). The actual price 
      depends on the number of ordered developer and runtime licenses
      and the number and type of service contracts. 

For informations and orders write to 
   ORISA Software GmbH, Leutragraben 8a, D-07743 Jena, Germany
   Fax: +49 3641 588022,
   ORISA Software GmbH, Sommerrain 8, D-70839 Gerlingen, Germany
   Tel/Fax: +49 7156 48808

OU Prolog is a prolog interpreter from Open University for IBM PC
(MS-DOS). Includes video, books. Ask for item PD622 and quote
reference SA69. For more information, write to Open University,
Learning Materials Sales Office, PO Box 188, Milton Keynes MK7 6DH, UK.

PDC Prolog runs on IBM PCs (DOS, OS/2, Windows and SCO Unix). Formerly
known as Turbo Prolog from Borland. Includes a native code compiler
but is incompatible with most other prologs. Its variables are
strongly typed, unlike most other prologs. For more information, write
Prolog Development Center, 568 14th Street, Atlanta, GA 30318, call
800-762-2710, (404-873-1366), fax 404-872-5243 or email
pdc-request@pdc.dk (general information), sales@pdc.dk (sales),
support@pdc.dk (tech support). European customers may write to Prolog
Development Center, A/S, H.J. Holst Vej 5A, DK-2605 Broendby, Denmark,
call +45 36 72 10 22, or fax +45 36 72 02 69. Reviewed in AI Expert
January 1991. Other email addresses include 753CD.165@compuserve.com.
To subscribe to the PDC-L@nic.surfnet.nl mailing list, a discussion
list for PDC Prolog users, send mail to LISTSERV@nic.surfnet.nl with
    SUBSCRIBE PDC-L <your full name>
in the message body.

POPLOG is a high-level prolog emulator with interpreter for Unix. The POPLOG
environment integrates four AI programming languages in one
environment: Lisp, Prolog, ML and POP11. POPLOG can also load in C and
Fortran binaries. Runs on VAX (Ultrix, VMS), VAXStation (Ultrix),
DECStation (Ultrix), Sun 3,4, Sparc, Solbourne, HP Apollo 9000/400,
Sparc (HP-UX), MIPS (RISCOS), Sequent Symmetry (Dynix), Apple
Macintosh (AUX), SONY News (News-OS), and Silicon Graphics Iris
(Irix). The academic version from Sussex University. For more
information, write to POPLOG, Sussex University, Poplog Manager,
School of Cognitive Sciences, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QN, UK, call +44
273 608367, fax +44 273 678188, or send email to popsales@cogs.sussex.ac.uk
or popmanager@cogs.sussex.ac.uk. The commercial version is available
from Integral Solutions Ltd as Integral Poplog and Pop++. For more
information, write to Integral Solutions Ltd, Unit 3, 23 Campbell
Court, Bramley, Basingstoke Hampshire RG26 5EG, UK, call +44 256 88 20
28, fax +44 256 88 21 82, or send email to isl@integ.uucp or
isl@integ.co.uk. The North American retailer is Computable
Functions Inc. For more informatin, write to Computable Functions Inc.,
35 S. Orchard Drive, Amherst, MA 01002, call 413-253-7637, or fax
413-545-1249. Contact Robin Popplestone, pop@cs.umass.edu, for info
on a new book on Pop-11. There's a users mailing list, and a newsgroup
as well (comp.lang.pop).

Prolog-2 (Commercial Version), is a high-level emulator with
interpreter and compiler for IBM PC (MS-DOS, Windows 3.0/3.1), and
386-up. (Non-PC versions for Sun3, Sun4, HP9000 (Unix), RS/6000
(Unix), and VAX (VMS) are no longer supported, since ESI, the new
owners, are also distributors for BIM-Prolog.) It is an Edinburgh
standard prolog with a number of extensions. The windows version
includes BIPs for programming windows graphics and dialogues.  For
more information, write to Expert Systems International (ESI), Attn:
Leo Mulders, PO Box 148, NL-3700 AC ZEIST, the Netherlands, call
+31-3404-22911, fax +31-3404-32888, or email <prolog@esi.nl>.  

Prolog III integrates constraint programming with Prolog. It runs on
Apple Macintosh, IBM PC (386, MS-DOS), Next, Sun3, Sun4, Sparc, HP9000,
Apollo, RS/6000, Bull DPX, Masscomp (Unix), Vax (Ultrix, VMS),
DecStation and MicroVAX. For more information, write to PrologIA,
Parc Technologique de Luminy, Case 919, 13288 Marseilles cedex 09, France,
call 33-91-26-86-36, fax 33-91-41-96-37, or send email to
prolia@dcftlx.das.net or prolia@tlxf.geomail.org. The US point of contact
for Prolog III by PrologIA is BIM Systems, Inc. 

Prolog-86 is available from Solution Systems Inc. For more
information, write to Solution Systems Inc., 335-D Washington Street,
Norwell, MA 02061, call 617-337-6963, or fax 617-431-8419.

PTC (Prolog To C) is a portable Prolog compiler based around an
optimized Prolog to ANSI C compiler.  It runs on Sun, SGI, IBM (Unix),
and HP.  PTC includes an integrated compiler/interpreter,
project-file-based compilation, a Motif user interface, editor,
debugger, online help, and support for C modules. It costs $1,495 for
the development environment and $795 for each additional runtime
library. The standalone environment is $495. For more information,
write to Paralogic Inc., 115 Research Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18015,
call 215-861-6960, fax 215-861-8247 or send email to

Quintec Prolog is a high-level emulator with interpreter for IBM PC
(MS-DOS), and Unix workstations such as Vax, VAXstation (Ultrix, VMS),
Decstation (Ultrix), and Sparc (SunOS4.0). For more information,
write to Quintec Prolog, Quintec Systems Ltd., Midland House, West Way, 
Botley, Oxford OS2 0PL, UK, call +44 865 791565, or fax +44 865 791595.

Quintus Prolog is a complete Prolog development system with extensive
Prolog libraries, graphical user interface, source-linked debugger,
profiler, on-line help, interface to X Windows, and user-customizable
I/O and memory management.  Quintus Prolog supports development of
stand-alone applications, as well as fully embeddable Prolog modules,
which may be called as subroutines from other languages.  There are no
royalties on applications developed with Quintus Prolog.  Quintus
offers Prolog-based solutions for database, expert system, and GUI
developers. Quintus also provides Prolog consulting and Prolog
training.  Platforms include DEC Alpha (OSF/1), HP 9000 (HP-UX), IBM
RS/6000 (AIX), PC (DOS, Windows, Windows NT, Solaris, OS/2), Macintosh 32bit, 
SGI (IRIX), Sun SPARC (SunOS, Solaris).  For product information and
Prolog training schedules contact Quintus Corporation, 301 East Evelyn
Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94041, call 415-254-2800 or 800-542-1283 (US),
fax 415-428-0211, or send email to sales@quintus.com.  To be added to
the users group mailing list, email to quintus-users-request@quintus.com.
The email address for technical support is teksup@quintus.com.

SICStus Prolog:

   SICStus Prolog 3 is an Edinburgh compatible Prolog that runs on most
   UNIX 32 and 64 bit platforms, Windows (NT and 95), MSDOS, and
   Macintosh platforms. It includes a WAM-based emulator and compiler,
   native code compilation for Sparc, MIPS and 680x0, indexed interpreted
   and compiled predicates mixed arbitrarily, modules, term and goal
   expansion hooks, support for cyclic terms, garbage collection and
   stack shifting, backtrackable side-effects and mutable terms,
   attributed variables and coroutining facilities, exceptions, unbounded
   precision integer arithmetic, double precision floating point
   arithmetic, extended set of built-in arithmetic functions, constraint
   solvers for Booleans, reals, rationals and finite domains (unbundled),
   support for building stand-alone applications, bidirectional C/Prolog
   interface, user-defined streams and signals, a GNU Emacs interface,
   execution profiling, and a "procedure box" debugger.  

   An OR-parallel version of the development system, MUSE, can be built
   on several multiprocessor platforms.

   SICStus Prolog comes with a library of utility modules implementing
   commonly needed algorithms and data types, an external store for
   Prolog facts with user-defined indexing, an object-oriented extension
   (Prolog Objects), a package for GUI construction based in Tcl/Tk,
   access to operating system services, and more.

   Information about licensing, available third party software, and
   useful links is available on the WWW, URL
   or by writing to SICS, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, PO Box 1263,
   S-164 28 KISTA, Sweden, calling +46 8 752 15 02, fax +46 8 751 72 30, or
   sending email to sicstus-request@sics.se or sicstus@sics.se.  Bug reports
   and tech support questions should be sent to sicstus-bug@sics.se.  To
   subscribe to the users group and implementors mailing list, send email
   to sicstus-users-request@sics.se.

   Mixtus is an automatic partial evaluator for SICStus Prolog. Presently
   it is distributed separately. Contact dan@sics.se for more information.

SNI Prolog Version 3 is an implementation of the Prolog language that
is compatible with the ISO Standard draft. It is available from
Siemens Nixdorf for Unix workstations for about DM 11100 in Germany.
SNI Prolog runs on the SGI, SNI and Sun platforms, and ports to other
systems, including MS-DOS, are in progress. Includes coroutines,
finite domains, numerical and boolean constraints, garbage collection,
incremental compilation, dynamic linking, hypertext style on-line
help, a window environment with an integrated editor, interfaces to
INFORMIX, Motif/XWindows and C. The constraint programming features of
SNI Prolog provide support for solving problems from operations
research such as dynamic resource allocation and flexible scheduling
with numerical constraints or the verification of complex systems with
Boolean constraints. For more information, write to Siemens Nixdorf
Informationssysteme AG, Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, D-8000 Munich 83, Germany,
Attn: Hans-Juergen Stenger, Systems Planning, call +49 89 636 44049,
fax +49 89 636 41208, or send email to stenger@sd235-hera.zfe.siemens.de.

SPIES YAP is a high-level emulator with interpreter for the Apple
Macintosh, Amiga (Atari ST), and Unix workstations including Sun3,
Sun4, VAXstation, SGI, and HP9000. For more information, write to
SPIES, Sociedade Portuguesa de, Importacao e Exportacao de Software,
Lda Av da Republica, 46 - 2, 1000 Lisboa, Portugal, call +351 1
795075, or fax +351 1 775891.

Turbo Prolog. See PDC Prolog.

Visual Prolog. Developed as the multi-target GUI based successor to
PDC Prolog (described above). The Standard version generates source
code compatible 16-bit GUI executables for Win3.1x, Win95, WinNT and
OS/2 PM (Prof.version only). The Professional version can be used to
generate both 16 and 32-bit applications. The O/S independent VPI
(Visual Programming Interface) combined with a host of automatic code
generation and maintenance tools and full on-line help ease the
construction of complicated applications. The Visual Prolog Web Pages
at the URL 
contain product information and news as well as free Visual Prolog
tools and updates.  Prolog Development Center developed the well known
(but now extinct) Turbo Prolog from Borland. For more information US
customers should call 1-800-762-2710 or 1-404-873-1366, fax
1-404-872-5243, write to Prolog Development Center, 568 14th Street,
Atlanta, GA 30318, or send email to 75300.165@compuserve.com.
Customers in other countries should call +45 36 72 10 22, fax +45 36
72 02 69, write to Prolog Development Center A/S, H.J. Holst Vej 3A -
5A, DK-2605 Broendby, Denmark, or send email to sales@pdc.dk or
support@pdc.dk. A BBS is run at 404-872-5358. An early version of PDC
Prolog was reviewed  in AI Expert, January 1991. PDC has a forum on
CompuServe (GO PCVENB). To subscribe to the PDC-L@nic.surfnet.nl
mailing list, a discussion list for PDC Prolog and Visual Prolog
users, send mail to LISTSERV@nic.surfnet.nl with
    SUBSCRIBE PDC-L <your full name>
in the message body.

XPRO 5.0 is a Prolog development environment for OS/2. It includes
a 32-bit Prolog interpreter/compiler and a rule compiler than compiles
natural language-style rules into Prolog code. Includes a C/C++
interface. Costs $299 (no runtime or license fees). For more
information, contact: Rational Vision, 7111 West Indian School Road,
Suite 131, Phoenix, AZ 85033, or phone 602-846-0371.

See also CHIP V4 from COSYTEC in [2-6].
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