[1-A] Acknowledgements

The original version of this guide (Version 0.6, Dec 11, 1991) was
compiled by Dag Wahlberg, Uppsala University, Sweden
<dagwag@csd.uu.se>, and published in the 5(1) issue of the ALP
Newsletter (February 1992).  Other people who helped with the
compilation include Chris Moss <cdsm@doc.ic.ac.uk>, Mats Carlsson,
SICS <matsc@sics.se>, Michael A. Covington <mcovingt@ai.uga.edu>,
Jocelyn Paine <popx@vax.ox.ac.uk>, Per G. Bilse, PDC <pdev@pdc.dk>,
David Cohen, BIM Systems Inc <dc@bim.com>, Mark Korsloot
<mark@logic.et.tudelft.nl>, and David W. Talmage

Thanks also to Jamie Andrews <jamie@cs.sfu.ca>.

;;; *EOF*
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