Q22: What test data is available?

     There is a TSP library (TSPLIB) available which has many  solved  and
     semi-solved TSPs and different variants. The library is maintained by
     Gerhard Reinelt <reinelt@ares.iwr.Uni-Heidelberg.de>. It is available
     from          various          FTP          sites,         including:

     Information about Operational Research test problems in  any  of  the
     areas  listed below can be obtained by emailing <o.rlibrary@ic.ac.uk>
     with the body of the email message being just the word  "info".   The
     files  in  OR-Library  are  also  available  via  anonymous  FTP from
       . A WWW page is also available at URL: http://mscmga.ms.ic.ac.uk/
      . Instructions on how to use OR-Library can be  found  in  the  file
     "paper.txt",   or   in   the   article:   J.E.Beasley,   "OR-Library:
     distributing test  problems  by  electronic  mail",  Journal  of  the
     Operational Research Society 41(11) (1990) pp1069-1072.

     File                    Problem area

     assigninfo.txt          Assignment problem
     cspinfo.txt             Crew scheduling
     deainfo.txt             Data envelopment analysis
     gapinfo.txt             Generalised assignment problem
     mipinfo.txt             Integer programming
     lpinfo.txt              Linear programming
     capinfo.txt                     capacitated warehouse location
     pmedinfo.txt                    p-median
     uncapinfo.txt                   uncapacitated warehouse location
     mknapinfo.txt                   Multiple knapsack problem
     qapinfo.txt                     Quadratic assignment problem
     rcspinfo.txt                    Resource constrained shortest path
     flowshopinfo.txt                flow shop
     jobshopinfo.txt                 job shop
     openshopinfo.txt                open shop
     scpinfo.txt             Set covering
     sppinfo.txt             Set partitioning
     esteininfo.txt                  Euclidean Steiner problem
     rsteininfo.txt                  Rectilinear Steiner problem
     steininfo.txt                   Steiner problem in graphs
     tspinfo.txt             Travelling salesman problem
			     Two-dimensional cutting:
     assortinfo.txt                  assortment problem
     cgcutinfo.txt                   constrained guillotine
     ngcutinfo.txt                   constrained non-guillotine
     gcutinfo.txt                    unconstrained guillotine
			     Vehicle routing:
     areainfo.txt                    fixed areas
     fixedinfo.txt                   fixed routes
     periodinfo.txt                  period routing
     vrpinfo.txt                     single period

     ENCORE  (see  Q15.3)  also  contains  some test data. See directories
     under /etc/data/
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