Q20.3: Current research projects?

     The European ESPRIT III project PAPAGENA is pleased to  announce  the
     availability of the following book and software:

     Parallel  Genetic  Algorithms:  Theory  and Applications was recently
     published by IOS press. The book, edited by Joachim Stender, provides
     an  overview  of  the  theoretical,  as  well  as  practical, aspects
     involved  in  the  study  and  implementation  of  parallel   GENETIC

     The  book comes with a floppy disk version of GAME (Genetic Algorithm
     Manipulation Environment).  For more information see the  section  on
     GAME in Q20.2.

     PeGAsuS   is  a  general  programming  environment  for  evolutionary
     algorithms.  developed at the German  National  Research  Center  for
     Computer  Science.   Written  in  ANSI-C,  it  runs  on MIMD parallel
     machines, such as transputers, and  distributed  systems, as well  as
     serial machines.

     The   Library   contains GENETIC OPERATORs, a  collection  of FITNESS
     functions, and input/output and control procedures.  It provides  the
     user with  a  number  of validated modules. Currently, PeGAsuS can be
     compiled with the GNU C, RS/6000 C, ACE-C, and  Alliant's  FX/2800  C
     compilers.   It  runs on SUNs and RS/6000 workstations, as well as on
     the Alliant FX/28.  PeGAsuS is not available to the public.

     For more information contact: Dirk Schlierkamp-Voosen, Research Group
     for  Adative  Systems,  German  National Research Center for Computer
     Science, 53731  Sankt  Augustin,  Germany.   Net:  <dirk.schlierkamp-


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