Q15.4: What relevant newsgroups and FAQs are there?

     Besides  the  obvious  comp.ai.genetic,  there   exist   some   other
     newsgroups that sometimes carry EC related topics:

     o  comp.ai (FAQ in news.answers, comp.answers)

     o  comp.ai.digest

     o  comp.ai.fuzzy (FAQ in news.answers, comp.answers)

     o  comp.ai.jair.announce (FAQ in news.answers, comp.answers)

     o  comp.ai.jair.papers  (PostScript  papers  of  the  Journal  of  AI
	Research, published by Morgan Kaufmann <morgan@unix.sri.com>) [eds
	note:  this  is  the  first journal that's completely published on
	USENET first, and later in paper form; read the  jair-faq,  that's
	posted  to  the  announcement group to find out how to submit your
	papers, get JAIR papers by FTP, Gopher or e-mail, etc.]

     o  comp.ai.neural-nets (FAQ in news.answers, comp.answers)

     o  comp.robotics (FAQ in news.answers, comp.answers)

     o  comp.theory.cell-automata (no FAQ)

     o  comp.theory.dynamic-sys (no FAQ)

     o  comp.theory.self-org-sys (no FAQ)

     o  sci.bio.evolution (no FAQ as such, but  there  is  an  archive  of
	interesting      material,      accessible      via     WWW     at
	http://www.cqs.washington.edu/~evolution )

     o  sci.math.num-analysis (some FAQs in news.answers, sci.answers)

     o  sci.op-research (some FAQs in news.answers, sci.answers)

     o  talk.origins (discusses origins  of  life,  EVOLUTION,  etc.   FTP
	repository  index  at  ics.uci.edu:/pub/origins/Index -- see Q10.7
	for more details.)
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