Q10.1: Suitable background reading for beginners?

     These books give a "flavor" of what the subject is about.

     Dawkins, R. (1976, 1989 2nd ed) "The Selfish  Gene",  Oxford:  Oxford
     University Press.  [The 2nd edition includes two new chapters]

     Dawkins,  R.  (1982)  "The  Extended Phenotype: The Gene as a Unit of
     Selection", Oxford: Oxford University Press.

     Dawkins, R. (1986) "The Blind Watchmaker", New York: W.W. Norton.

     Gonick, L. (1983) "The Cartoon Guide to Computer Science", New  York:
     Barnes & Nobel. [eds note: features an interesting chapter on Charles
     Babbage in conjunction with "horse racing forecasting", if  you  want
     to use EAs to fullfill this task, better read this section first]

     Gonick, L. (1983) "The Cartoon Guide to Genetics", New York: Barnes &

     Regis, E. (1987) "Who got Einstein's Office?  Eccentricity and Genius
     at  the  Institute  for  Advanced Study", Reading, MA: Addison Wesley
     [eds note: chapters 5, 10 and 12]

     Levy, S. (1992) "Artificial Life: The Quest for a new Creation",  New
     York,  NY: Pantheon. [LEVY92]: [eds note: read this and you will have
     the urge to work in this field]

     Sigmund, K. (1993) "Games of Life: Explorations in Ecology, Evolution
     and Behaviour", Oxford: Univ. Press. 252 pp. Hard/Softcover avail.
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