Q13: What Evolutionary Computation Associations exist?

  ISGA: International Society on Genetic Algorithms
     The  ISGA  is  a  mostly  fascinating   society:  it  neither  has  a
     membership  fee  (which  makes  it  even  more  fascinating),  nor an
     address. However,  ISGA  meetings  usually  take  place  during  ICGA
     conferences,  in  so-called  business  meetings  (BMs). [eds note: So
     during a conference, ask for BMs, if you want to join; or be ready to
     dart out of the room if you don't...]

  EPS: Evolutionary Programming Society
     Membership is $40/year ($10/year for students with id) and also gives
     you a discounted registration at the annual conference. You can  also
     order EP proceedings ($30/members, $45/other) from EPS.

     Address: EVOLUTIONARY PROGRAMMING Society, 9363 Towne Centre Dr., San
     Diego, CA 92121, Attn: Bill Porto, Treasurer.
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