Q10.9: Videos?

     Sims,  K.  (1990)  "Panspermia",  ACM  Sigraph  Review.  Order   form
     available                 by                 FTP                 from
     siggraph.org:/publications/video_review/order_blank  Look   in   that
     directory  for  other  useful information.  Note that "Panspermia" is
     Item 23 of Issue 62 of the "SIGGRAPH Video Review".

     Langton, C.G. (ed) (1992) "Artificial Life II Video Proceedings"  The
     Advanced  Book  Program  of  the  Santa  Fe Institute: Studies in the
     Sciences of Complexity, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-55492-5. [ALIFEII-

     Koza,  J.R.  &  Rice,  J.P.  (1992) "Genetic Programming: The Movie",
     Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. See GP-faq for an order form. (see Q15)

     The Santa Fe Institute has produced  a  thirteen  minute  promotional
     video,  which  includes  a  five minute segment discussing the Tierra
     research project, illustrated with  a  very  high  quality  animation
     produced  by the Anti Gravity Workshop in Santa Monica, CA. To obtain
     the video, contact the Santa Fe Institute at:  1660 Old Pecos  Trail,
     Suite  A,  Santa  Fe,  New  Mexico  87501  (Tel:  505-984-8800,  Fax:
     505-982-0565, Net: <email@santafe.edu>) or  contact  Linda  Feferman:
     <fef@santafe.edu> or <0005851689@mcimail.com>
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