[1-5b] Free/Cheap Expert System Shells: CLIPS and Related Systems

CLIPS 6.0 (C Language Integrated Production System) is an OPS-like
forward chaining production system written in ANSI C by NASA. The
CLIPS inference engine includes truth maintenance, dynamic rule
addition, and customizable conflict resolution strategies.  CLIPS,
including the runtime version, is easily embeddable in other
applications.  CLIPS includes an object-oriented language called COOL
(CLIPS Object-Oriented Language) which is directly integrated with the
inference engine.  CLIPS runs on many platforms including IBM PC
compatibles (including Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS 386 versions),
Macintosh, VAX 11/780, Sun 3/260, and HP9000/500.  CLIPS is available
from COSMIC at a "nominal" fee (the MS-DOS/Windows 3.1 version $350
for the software and $115 more for the documentation, with discounts
for US academic institutions; for update orders $100 and $200,
respectively) for unlimited copies with no royalties.  (CLIPS is
available free to NASA, USAF, and their contractors for use on NASA
and USAF projects.)  For more information, send email to
service@cossack.cosmic.uga.edu, write COSMIC, University of Georgia,
382 East Broad Street, Athens, GA 30602, call 706-542-3265, or fax
706-542-4807. To subscribe to the CLIPS mailing list, send a message
to the list server
   listserv@cossack.cosmic.uga.edu ( 
with message body
The CLIPS help desk phone number is 713-286-8919 (fax 713-286-4479/244-5698)
and email address is stbprod@fdr.jsc.nasa.gov. (The address is STB
Products Help Desk, LinCom Corporation, 1020 Bay Area Boulevard, #200,
Houston, TX 77058-2628.) The Software Technology Branch's home page is
NASA Information Services's home page is
and the CLIPS home page is
[Note: Folks who obtain CLIPS from COSMIC can do anything they wish
with it, including redistribute it.  Folks who obtain CLIPS directly
from NASA are restricted to using it for US government purposes only.]
The CLIPS FAQ list and bug fixes are available from
and are maintained by Gary Riley <riley@gothamcity.jsc.nasa.gov>.
Joseph Giarratano and Gary Riley's book, "Expert Systems Principles
and Practice", comes with an MS-DOS CLIPS 6.0 interpreter (see [1-3]
above). CLIPS is also available on the various AI CD-ROMs, and the
MS-DOS version is available for $50 from Austin Code Works <info@acw.com>, 
11100 Leafwood Lane, Austin, Texas 78750-3409, phone 512-258-0785, 
fax 512-258-8831, or BBS 512-258-8831.

DYNACLIPS (DYNAamic CLIPS Utilities), is a set of blackboard, dynamic
knowledge exchange, and agent tools for CLIPS 5.1 and 6.0.  It is
implemented as a set of libraries that can be linked with CLIPS 5.1 or
CLIPS 6.0. Versions 3.0 and 3.1 will work with either CLIPS 5.1 or CLIPS 6.0.
Source code is not available. Agents use the blackboard to
communicate with other intelligent agents in the framework.  Each
intelligent agent can send and receive facts, rules, and commands.
Rules and facts are inserted and deleted dynamicly while the agents
are running. Knowledge can be transfered on a temporary or permanent
basis. For more information, please contact Yilmaz Cengeloglu, PO Box
4142, Winter Park, FL 32793-4142, or send email to
cengelog@escmail.orl.mmc.com, yil@engr.ucf.edu or 73313.775@compuserve.com.
It is available from the CMU AI Repository in

AGENT_CLIPS is a multi-agent tool for MACINTOSH. Multiple copies  of CLIPS
run at the same time on MACINTOSH.  Each Agent (CLIPS)  can send CLIPS
commands to other active agents at run time.  AGENT_CLIPS handles  incoming  
commands automatically. Command transfer is also mean that agents can 
exchange facts, rules at run time.  This is a form of Knowledge Exchange 
Among Intelligent Agents. AGENT_CLIPS does NOT use Blackboard Architecture.
Library for AGENT_CLIPS is also included in this package. You can link 
this library with other CLIPS applications such as fuzzyCLIPS. 
AGENT_CLIPS can be obtained by anonymous ftp from
It is also available from Compuserve, AIEXPERT Forum, Libraries,
Expert System. For more information contact Yilmaz Cengeloglu at

FuzzyCLIPS 6.02 is a version of the CLIPS rule-based expert system
shell with extensions for representing and manipulating fuzzy facts
and rules. In addition to the CLIPS functionality, FuzzyCLIPS can deal
with exact, fuzzy (or inexact), and combined reasoning, allowing fuzzy
and normal terms to be freely mixed in the rules and facts of an
expert system. The system uses two basic inexact concepts, fuzziness
and uncertainty. Versions are available for UNIX systems, Macintosh
systems and PC systems. There is no cost for the software, but please
read the terms for use in the FuzzyCLIPS documentation. FuzzyCLIPS is
available via WWW (World Wide Web). It can be accessed indirectly
through the Knowledge Systems Lab Server using the URL
or more directly by using the URL
or by anonymous ftp from
For more information about FuzzyCLIPS send mail to fzclips@ai.iit.nrc.ca. 

wxCLIPS provides a simple graphical front end to CLIPS 5.1, CLIPS 6.0 and 
CLIPS 6.0 with fuzzy extensions.  It is essentially CLIPS modified to work 
with an event driven style of programming, and a set of GUI functions. 
wxCLIPS is available as Sun Open Look, Sun Motif, Linux Open Look, Windows 
3.1, Windows 32-bit, and Windows 95 binaries.  wxCLIPS is available by 
anonymous FTP from

    ftp.aiai.ed.ac.uk:/pub/packages/wxclips/ []

or the URL


To be added to the wxclips-users or wxclips-announce mailing lists, send 
mail to wxclips-users-request@aiai.edinburgh.ac.uk. For more information, 
write to Julian Smart <J.Smart@ed.ac.uk>.
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