[1-3] Bibliography of Expert Systems books, introductions, documentation, periodicals, and conference proceedings.

This section contains a list of key references and introductions about
Production Systems, Expert Systems, and Match Algorithms. For other
AI-related books, see part 4 of the AI FAQ.

Overviews and Texts:

   Bruce G. Buchanan and Edward H. Shortliffe, "Rule-Based Expert
   Systems: The MYCIN Experiments of the Stanford Heuristic Programming
   Project", Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1985. The Davis and King
   paper (chapter 4, "An overview of production systems") provides
   a good overview.

   Frederick Hayes-Roth, "The knowledge based expert system: A tutorial",
   IEEE Computer 17(9):11-28, 1984.

   Bruce G. Buchanan and R.O. Duda, "Principles of Rule-Based Systems",
   Tech Report HPP-82-14, 1982. (Discusses the design of expert
   systems, including representation, inference, and uncertainty
   management. Examples from numerous specific systems, and discusses
   which problems are suitable for attack by rule-based systems.)
   Send email to gsmith@hpp.stanford.edu for information on getting
   the tech report, or see the later report:
      Bruce Buchanan and Reid Smith, "Fundamentals  of  Expert
      Systems", Annual Review of Computer Science 3, 23-58, 1988.

   Joseph Giarratano and Gary Riley, "Expert Systems Principles and
   Practice", PWS Publishing (20 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116-4324
   1-800-842-3636, 1-617-542-3377, fax 1-617-338-6134), 1993, 644
   pages, ISBN 0-534-93744-6, $53.94. 
     [This is the second edition of "Expert Systems: Principles and
      Programming" and comes with an MS-DOS CLIPS 6.0 interpreter. The
      book includes a good tutorial on using CLIPS.]

   James P. Ignizio, "Introduction to Expert Systems: The Development
   and Implementation of Rule-Based Expert Systems", McGraw-Hill,
   1991. 402 pages, ISBN 0-07-909785-5 ($37.50). [Focuses on the
   building of the knowledge-base model and its proper implmentation
   from a decision-making perspective. Also covers knowledge
   acquisition, inference, and validation. Especially good for
   students in fields besides computer science, such as business,
   engineering, and the social sciences. There are exercises at the
   end of every chapter. Clear and concise explanations with good
   examples. Also provides an introduction to EXSYS with an EXSYS demo disk.] 

   Samuel J. Biondo, "Fundamentals of Expert Systems Technology:
   Principles and Concepts", Ablex, Norwood, NJ, 1990. 160 pages, ISBN
   0-89391-701-X paper ($35).

   Dennis Merritt, "Building Expert Systems in Prolog", Springer-Verlag, 1989.
   358 pages, ISBN 0-387-97016-9 hardcover ($52).
   Explains how to build various expert system shells in Prolog, including
   forward/backward chaining, FOOPS, rete-network, frames, solving
   Rubik's cube and more. Includes complete source code listings.
   (Source code from the book is also sold on disk by Amzi! Inc. and
   is available by anonymous FTP from
   as the files xsip.*) Their Web page is http://world.std.com/~amzi/

   David Hu, "C/C++ for Expert Systems", Management Information
   Source, Portland, OR, 1989. 565 pages, ISBN 0-943518-86-5 ($24.95).
   [Includes a diskette of source code from the book.]

General AI books with extensive coverage of expert systems:

   Firebaugh, Morris W., "Artificial Intelligence: A Knowledge-Based
   Approach", PWS-Kent, Massachusetts, 1989.  ISBN 0-87835-325-9


   Charles L. Forgy, "OPS5 User's Manual", Technical Report
   CMU-CS-81-135, Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer
   Science, Pittsburgh, PA 1981. 

   Thomas Cooper and Nancy Wogrin, "Rule-based Programming with OPS5", 
   Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1988, ISBN 0-934613-51-6, $49.95.

Match Algorithms:

      Charles L. Forgy, "RETE: A fast algorithm for the many
      pattern/many object pattern match problem", Artificial
      Intelligence 19(1):17-37, September 1982.  

      Daniel P. Miranker, "TREAT: A better match algorithm for AI
      production systems". In Proceedings of the Sixth National
      Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-87), pages 42-47,
      August 1987. 

      Daniel P. Miranker, "TREAT: A New and Efficient Match Algorithm
      for AI Production Systems", Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1990, 
      143 pages, ISBN 0-934613-71-0, $29.95.

      Mark Perlin, "The match box algorithm for parallel production
      system match", Technical Report CMU-CS-89-163, Carnegie Mellon
      University, School of Computer Science, Pittsburgh,
      Pennsylvania, May 1989. 

      Michael A. Kelly and Rudolph E. Seviora, "An evaluation of DRETE
      on CUPID for OPS5 matching", in Proceedings of the Eleventh
      International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-89),
      pages 84-90, Detroit MI, August 1989, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

Journals -- Expert Systems:

   Published 4 times annually. ISSN 0957-4174.
   Subscriptions: Institutions L85 ($155), Individuals L45 ($72).
   Pergamon Press Inc., 660 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591-5153,
   email PPI@pergamon.com, or Pergamon Press Ltd., Headington Hill Hall,
   Oxford OX3 0BW, England.

   Published 4 times annually. ISSN 0266-4720.
   Subscriptions: L85 ($110)
   Learned Information Ltd., Woodside, Hinksey Hill, Oxford OX1 5AU, UK.
   Tel: +44 (0)865-730275  Fax: +44 (0)085-736354

   Published 4 times annually. ISSN 0894-9077.
   Subscriptions: Institutions $135; Individuals $75. Outside the US add
   $10 for surface mail and $20 for airmail.
   JAI Press Inc., 55 Old Post Road -- No. 2, PO Box 1678, Greenwich, CT

   Published quarterly, ISSN 0269-8889.
   In the UK: Cambridge University Press, The Edinburgh Building,
   Cambridge CB2 1BR, UK.
   In N. America: Cambridge University Press, Journals Department, 40 West
   20th Street, New York, NY 10011-4211.

   Published three times annually. ISSN 0969-9317
   Subscriptions: BP60.00/US$117.00. 
   Taylor Graham Publishing, 500 Chesham House, 150 Regent Street,
   London W1R 5FA UK.
   Editor: Alan Sangster <a.sangster@aberdeen.ac.uk>
   URL: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/~acc025/ijaes.html
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