[1-A] Acknowledgements

This FAQ was originally based on posts by Jason Trenouth
<jason@harlequin.co.uk>, George Betzos <gabetzos@mailbox.syr.edu>, and
Douglas Foxvog <foxvog@cyc.com>, as well as parts of the
commercial products section of the AI FAQ.  Thanks also to Arnold
Bloemer <bloemer@tnt.uni-hannover.de>, Hans Voss, Stephan Weber, Tom
Laffey, ljs@zycor.lgc.com, Hal Waters, Philip Vanneste, Daniel
Corkill, Bruce Chih-Lung Lin, Willem Van Dyk, Kan-Lee Liou, Les
Degroff, Alex Kean, Bob Orchard, Steve Witt, Cameron Laird, Thomas A.
Russ, Peter Pavek, Ingemar Hulthage, Jerry Franke, Julian Smart,
Andrew Verden, Remi Lissajoux, Patrick Albert, Patrick Suel, Liz
Allen. Thanks to Richard Fozzard for information about MIKE and ES.

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