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Important Changes (since last posting): Eclipse now free for
universities, and has a web page.

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This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) for the area
of constraints, including books, journal articles, ftp archives, and
systems & products. It is posted once a month to the newsgroups
comp.constraints, comp.answers, and news.answers.

NOTE: the WWW page associated with this FAQ now contains far more
information than the FAQ does, including meta-information, i.e. pointers
to other WWW pages and ftp sites. I strongly suggest you have a look at it:

People who helped with this FAQ include Philippe Blache
<>, Mark Kantrowitz <>, Wm Leler
<>, Manfred Meyer <>, Milind Tambe
<>, Thomas Schiex <>, and Tad Hogg

Thanks to Mark Kantrowitz for allowing me to use large parts of his
FAQs and Resource Guides for comp.lang.prolog and

Table of Contents:
In this part of the FAQ:
 [2-1]  Introduction (same as in part 1)
 [2-2]  Introduction to Systems for Non-Linear Constraints
 [2-3]  Free and Commercial Constraint Systems

In the other (first) part of this FAQ there are definitions, glossaries,
explanations, a short bibliography, pointers to FTP and WWW archives and
other resources, reviews and surveys of constraint systems, and
basically everything else which is not in this part.

Search for [#] to get to topic number # quickly. In newsreaders which
support digests (such as rn), [CTRL]-G will page through the answers.
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