Anthony Tomasic () is a Visiting Research Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. Previously he was Director of the Carnegie Mellon University Master of Computational Data Science degree program (aka Master of Science in Information Technology, Very Large Information Systems) (CMU MCDS) program. This professional masters degree program is offered by the Institute for Software Research (ISR), Computer Science Department,, Machine Learning Department and the Language Technologies Institute in the School of Computer Science of Carnegie Mellon University. The degree is targeted at technical career advancement for technical professionals.

Recent News

December, 2013
The CMU VLIS degree program is renamed the Master of Computational Data Science. This renaming provides a better description and focus for the degree.
December, 2013
The CMU VLIS degree program again places 100% of its graduates into industry.
December, 2012
The CMU VLIS degree program again places 100% of its graduates into industry.
December, 2012
Tiramisu wins the FCC Chairman's 2012 Award for Advancement in Accessibility in the Geo-Location Services category.
August, 2012
The VLIS degree program incoming class size is 26 students. The degree program now has 48 students.
June, 2012
Tiramisu wins a Phase I SBIR from the US Department of Transportation.
November, 2011
Mixer wins a $55,000 Google Faculty Research Award.
October, 2011
Tiramisu wins second place in the Best Innovative Products, Services, or Applications award of the 2011 Best of Intelligent Transportation Systems awards.
September, 2011
The Mixer INTERACT 2011 paper wins the IFIP Brian Shackel award.
August, 2011
Tiramisu is a finalist for the 2011 Best of ITS Awards.
July, 2011
Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science releases Tiramisu, a mobile application that uses crowd-sourcing to create a transit information system.
May, 2011
Tiramisu paper wins an honorable mention best paper at CHI 2011.


DRRP on Inclusive Cloud and Web Computing
The DRRP on Inclusive Cloud and Web Computing will research and develop methods to enable software providers to easily and rapidly implement inclusive user experiences so that consumers are empowered to fully participate in cloud and web systems. More information is available at the Inclusive Web website.
The rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Accessible Public Transportation (RERC APT) is focused on research and development of methods to improve accessibility in transporation systems. We are currently developing a mobile application to support real-time transit bus location information. More information is available at the RERC APT website. Tiramisu is a crowdsourced transit information system produced by the RERC APT.
The Virtual Information Officer is an intelligent assistant for processing natural language task requests for users. On the HCI side, the project investigates interaction design issues for mixed-initiative design. On the ML side, the project investigates acquiring labeling data "in-the-wild" - directly from users during normal use. More information is available at the RADAR Project website.
MIXER is a prototype intelligent assistant for (non-programmer) users to perform data integration on the desktop. MIXER provides a simple programming-by-example interface for users to "join" data across websites. For more information see the papers below.

Biographical Information

Anthony's research career started with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science (with honors) from Indiana University, Bloomington. He then joined the European Computer-Industry Research Centre (ECRC) in Munich, Germany where he worked in part on the view update problem in database theory. He then attended graduate school at Princeton and performed his thesis research at Stanford University. His thesis invented novel methods for improving information retrieval search performance. Upon receiving his Ph.D., Anthony led a research team at the Institute National de Research in Informatique et Automatique (INRIA). His team created the federated database DISCO for data integration. DISCO was transferred to, a French internet comparison shopping site, which was subsequently purchased by Yahoo. In 1999, he participated in a team that was a winner in the French National New Venture competition. Anthony spent some time with internet start-ups in Silicon Valley. Eventually he moved back into research at Carnegie Mellon University where for the last several years he has lead a team, as part of the RADAR project, that creates intelligent assistants to the desktop. His research now focuses on machine learning, mixed-initiative interfaces, and natural language processing. He has also contributed to research on extract-transform-load systems, detection of phishing messages, and internet level scaling of database systems. In 2009, Anthony received an MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. In 2011, Anthony, in partnership with three other faculty, founded Tiramisu Transit, LLC.

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