Research Interests

My research bridges signal processing and data science through designing and developing scalable and interpretable algorithms for mining big multi-aspect data, and applying those algorithms into real-world problems, achieving superior performance, and obtaining valuable insights that can drive scientific discovery.

For more details, check out my Research Statement.

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  • epapalexcs dot cmu dot edu
  • vagelis.papalexakisgmail dot com
  • vag_papalexyahoo dot gr


GHC 9219
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Web Presence

About me

Hello there! My name is Vagelis Papalexakis (my 'official' name is Evangelos, but nobody really calls me that) and I come from the beautiful city of Athens, Greece. I received my Electronic & Computer Engineering Diploma and M.Sc at the Technical University of Crete in Chania, under the supervision of Professor Nikos Sidiropoulos.
Currently, I am a fifth and final year Ph.D candidate at the Computer Science Department of Carnegie Mellon University under the supervision of Professor Christos Faloutsos. This is my personal web page. Feel free to navigate through the menu on your left, where you may find a list of my publications, code for some of my projects, a brief bio and some interesting links.

I will be joining the CSE Dept. at UC Riverside as an Assistant Professor in the Fall of 2016!
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