15-821/18-843: Mobile and Pervasive Computing

Professors Mahadev Satyanarayanan & Dan Siewiorek

Fall 2015
Course Web page at http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~15-821

Demo Day video and posters now available here


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Synthesis lectures on Mobile & Pervasive Computing (Morgan & Claypool, free access to all Carnegie Mellon students and faculty)


This is a course exploring research issues in mobile computing and its close relative, pervasive computing. Many traditional areas of computer science and computer engineering are impacted by the constraints and demands of mobile and pervasive computing. The course will offer significant hands-on experience:  students will work in small groups under the guidance of a mentor on a project. Each student will also be required to write one of two documents based on an idea in mobile and pervasive computing: (a) a research proposal (similar in spirit to an NSF proposal) or (b) a short business plan for a commercial opportunity. There will a brief quiz at the start of each class, based on the readings  for that class.  In teams of two,  students will present a short (30 minutes) overview of the commercial landscape for one of the topics covered in class. 


Knowledge of operating systems, distributed systems, and computer architecture.   If in doubt, check with one of the instructors before registering.



Mahadev Satyanarayanan

Office: GHC 9123
Phone: x8-3743
Email: satya@cs.cmu.edu

Admin assistant: Chase Klingensmith, GHC 9129 (x8-3041, chasek@cs.cmu.edu)

Dan Siewiorek

Office: NSH 4515
Phone: x8-2570
Email: dps@cs.cmu.edu
Admin assistant: Marian D'Amico, NSH 3526 (x8-1216, marian@cs.cmu.edu)

Guest Faculty
Asim Smailagic

Office: HbH 1217
Phone: x8-7863
Email: asim@cs.cmu.edu

Khalid Elgazzar
Office: GHC 9108
Email: elgazzar@cs.cmu.edu

Teaching Assistant
Kiryong Ha

Office: GHC 9120
Phone: x8-1197
Email: krha@cmu.edu

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